Sunday, 31 July 2011

A day of ups and downs

We were dog sitting for a friend today, so loaded the two hounds, the kids and a picnic into the car and set off for Hastings.  Had a fantastic walk through Fairlight Country Park and along the coastal path east of Hastings. We walked about 5 miles and it was pretty challenging terrain with plenty of ups and downs. Nothing like the lake district of course, but enough to make my untrained legs turn to jelly! 

Stunning views and a gorgeous day and I felt great.. each day brings more stamina and less fatigue.  I feel like I'm progressing and am now a 'recovering person' rather than an 'ill person'.

On the way home we stopped off for an ice cream and to let the boys play on the beach for a while when I suddenly felt the start of a dreaded leak from the bag. To say that this is a bit of a grim emergency situation and needs addressing immediately would be an understatement.  Luckily I had some spares and kit with me and could sort it quickly. However, it's normally something that is done in the privacy of my own bathroom, not standing by the side of the road sheltered by the car door!  The boys watched with a mix of interest and repulsion... 'It's kind of gross and REALLY interesting all at the same time' was their take on it.

A slightly irritating end to what was a great day though.. leaks do happen from time to time, but you need to learn how to prevent them really. What would I do if that was mid race? or at some fancy party? would the bag last for the length of time it would take to do a Half Ironman? or even an Ironman... Anyway, I just need to figure out what caused it and try to avoid it happening again.  I WILL be in charge of this thing! 

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